How did the 23 year-old English-majored Chinese graduate become a Web developer in 6 months?

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June of 2016,  Icyfish , a 23 year Chinese girl , graduated from her university, unlike her English major  classmates, Icyfish selected a completed different way: Learn code! But that time she was totally zero-based in computer science. She said in her blog:”I tried to learn code when I was an undergraduate, as computer science is always been her hobby.”But she didn’t go any further when in school for lack of determination, after a half-year English related  intern. She made her mind to learn web development all by herself.

Recent years in china, Web develop is becoming so popular, your can guess the reason: High salary. Compared to other majored graduates, you will get a salary almost twice to triple when just graduate. Just like 2 years ago ,the ios development market also faced the same situation.

Any way, Icyfish did it. In 6 months, she learnt from scratch, from HTML to Javascript, from node.js to react. She chose a very popular Web develop learning path. With fluent English, she could learn the online course  without Chinese captions. It really is  a huge advantage, for English is programmer’s default language. almost any Web tech is written firstly in English, the most important of all, the most high quality online courses is speaking in English. If you want to learn code , you have to learn English first.

Here is the resources she had used in the 6 months:


1.Head First HTML and CSS: A Learner’s Guide to Creating Standards-Based Web Pages



3.1 Web technology for developers

3.2 Learn web development

4.CSS Mastery

5.CSS: The Definitive Guide

6.webpage slicing


8.CodeSchool HTML-CSS part

9.projects practice:

9.1 codepen

9.2 thecodeplayer

the ABC of Programming

1.Udacity CS101

2.Programming JavaScript

3.MIT-CS101 (2008)

4.MIT-CS101 (2011)

5.Harvard CS 50 (2011)

6.Harvard CS 50 (2016)



Eloquent JavaScript

DOM Scripting

Object-Oriented JavaScript

You Don’t Know JS

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

JavaScript: The Good Parts

-online courses:


Code School



JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts-Udemy

-YouTube channel




Wes Bos



React JS Tutorials for Beginners


React Tutorials

The Ultimate Introduction to ReactJS

The Complete React Web App Developer Course

Modern React with Redux


(this part she didn’t learnt much)


Webpack 2 – A full tutorial

Webpack 2: The Complete Developer’s Guide


I didn’t copy full of learning resources, but I think if you follow the path, you will find other resources naturally(like Dev Docs, test tools, mark down etc).

In the end , here is her blog , you may find other tools and resources there.


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