The Best Way To learn Code is to Code

Author: songqing Category: Coding Publish Time: 2017-05-22 19:49

It seems learn a thing is never easier now. Free videos, Free ebooks, Free posts … you can find almost everything your want to learn online. Yes, learn a thing is cheap. Yes, learn a thing is easier compared to the old days.

But we all know, knowledge is not cheap, especially those skills required training for a large sum of time. 10’000 hours theory is still right, here is no exception for learning code. OK, code is popular, but as a skill, code is no different than learning carpentry:we all see what we do, we all concern about details, most important, we all need lots of time to master our skills. Reading a carpentry book can help you better make your chair, but you can never become a carpenter by merely reading.

The SAME goes for code. Yes, learn to code is cheap, but the time you spend on coding is expensive, the skills you get after 10000 hours, is precious.

The Best Way To learn Code is to Code.


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